The Robben Island Shakespeare [formerly The Robben Island Bible]
      The Robben Island Shakespeare [formerly The Robben Island Bible]

Student Writing & Feedback on the Workshop:

A Selection of Creative Writing Pieces:


Awaken minds 

Bring people together
Communicate effectively
Dare to take calculated risks
Enghliten and empower
Foster collaboration
Gives you tools to succeeded
Helps you do yourself
Invite and encourage questions.
Joyfully embrace diversity
Keep an open mind
Leads by example
Motivate with respect
Never gives up on you
Open doors to new worlds 
Put first things first
Quest to make learning fun
Recognises problems early
Share roles and responsibilities
Take time to explain things 
Unwrap talents and abilities
Values everyone's output
Welcome mistakes as part of learning
Exceed expectations
Yearn to connect,not correct.


Mr President


“I want to grow up and become president”

“what do you want to do when you become president, my son?”

“I want to help people; I want to make this world a better place!”

“How are you going to do that? We live in a difficult world, child”

“I don’t care; I’ll do whatever it takes!”

“Congratulations to our new president! What is your first order of business?”

“Let’s give people free education!”

“How? Who will pay for it?”

“can’t we all chip in? with a salary like yours I’m sure it’ll be okay”

“Sorry Mr President, I promised my wife I’d take her on vacation.”

“Mr President, the people are asking for free education. What is your response?”

“I’m sorry we just don’t have the money.”

“Mr President, the people want us to lower taxes”

“I’m sorry but we can’t. I told my family I’d renovate the house and the money has to come from somewhere”

“Mr President, what happened to I’d do whatever it takes? What happened to the young man who wanted to make the world a better place?” 



Student Feedback on Ethical Leadership Course:


‘I learnt a lot about myself and about ethical leadership, and what it means to lead ethically.’


‘I have an entirely new and different perspective on Shakespeare’s works (for the better), and am very grateful that I got the opportunity to look at and learn about his work with such insight.’

‘My fellow grade elevens who attended this workshop with me are some of the greatest students I have ever met, and I look forward to seeing how each and every one of us contribute to making the world a better place by being ethical leaders.’

‘I liked how we got an opportunity to write and discuss our opinions (which were actually listened to and appreciated).’

‘I finished the week knowing that I can be a greater leader and had acquired more and strengthened my leadership skills.’

‘The week went very well; it was very exciting. I would like to rate the workshop 10 of 10. Even the food was good!’

Students’ views on Leadership:

‘I would act as a leader in my own life by first bringing change in my life like doing self-introspection. To change what's bad to good and what's good to much more best and I can also be a leader by making sure that I bring change and keep my promises because leaders with empty promises mislead the world.’


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